Book Review: Murder at North Pond by London Lovett


As you know, I am a sucker for new cozy mystery series, so it was no surprise that I said yes when author London Lovett reached out to me about reading an advanced copy of her latest book!

All I can say is this was a solid start to a new series!

I love London Lovett’s writing because she instantly draws you in as if you know every character in real life. This gives a better reading experience because you can feel the story’s emotions much more. Plus, there are so many quirky characters that it is hard not to love them!

As I read Murder at North Pond, I quickly found that this was not an average cozy mystery because there was much more depth to the story, especially with the main character Anna St. James.

Anna had experienced such heartache when her husband was lost at sea with no word on what exactly happened. The pain you felt as she talked through her experience was tremendous, and I think it helped to make this book so much more than a cozy mystery.

It is almost impossible to talk about Murder at North Pond without giving away too many details because it is that good! Still, I leave you with this….if you have ever been curious about cozy mysteries or have struggled to find one you truly enjoy, I encourage you to pick this up when it is released on February 21, 2022. You can pre-order your copy now. Just click here —> pre-order

Thank you so much to author London Lovett for the advanced copy of Murder at North Pond!


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